Being on stage as an actor / performer is what I grew up doing the most. So I went to college for it. (Boston University College of Fine Arts + London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)). We learned how to breathe properly and become feeling adults.

My first television job was on a soap opera, where I gave birth inside a cabin in the middle of the woods. Yes, there was a candlelight musical montage. I've had the good fortune of working on stages across the U.S. and on some fun TV/Film projects since. In 2012, I put my “professional auditioning actor” life on pause to focus on making music + writing my decluttering book. Now I dabble.

In 2018, I began writing + performing spoken word pieces—based on themes of identity and where I fit in as a biracial bi/pan/queer “half”-Jewish woman in the world. Looking to create shareable versions of this work—and hoping to draw from a background in dance to explore movement-based pieces as well.

For a handful of years, I played a lot of music shows around Los Angeles (and New York City). While I’ve found I enjoy being in the recording studio the most, I do have a rare music gig coming up on June 10, 2019 at The Bootleg Theatre in L.A. Details to come on Instagram.

Thank you. Contact.

[So many headshots. Photographed by Rebecca Sanabria except yellow couch / tank top photographed by Rick LaRocca.]